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Minggu, 30 Juni 2013

A “Mudik” Journey : Bengkulu

Mudik is an activity that people do to celebrate holiday, mostly Islamic Holiday names  Idul Fitri.
And my family did it last year,to Bengkulu yeay :D after more than 10 years we did not mudik.
It was exciting to meet the whole family there. Starting with the morning flight from Soekarno Hatta International Airport, everything was running well, till we landed at Fatmawati Soekarno airport.
My heart beat fast when I saw my aunt waiting for us outside the glass wall of departure terminal.
“We are really in Bengkulu “ my heart said..maybe it was screaming inside cause of feeling happy  hihihi
Actually we had not arrived yet,  our hometown was still far away. It was Manna City, the capital of South Bengkulu regency. It took about  3 hours to get there.  Before we went to Manna, we visited 3 famous places in Bengkulu city.
First, we visited the famous beach in Bengkulu named Pantai Panjang or Panjang beach, it was a beautiful soft sand beach. I loved being there because the situation was so lonely, maybe because it was still morning :D ..blessed to see such beautiful place like this.
Panjang Beach

my lil' sister enjoys the beach

Second one, we visited Fort Marlborough, the historical heritage of British Colonization, great n quite big one. We could see many historical pictures, very old canons and some rooms like jail,ammunition warehouse, East India company office, etc. The most I loved was to see the beach from the top of the fort, really beautiful.

inside the fort :D

view form the top of the fort

The third one, we visited the house of first president of Indonesia Soekarno, when he was in exile in Bengkulu. We saw the furniture that Bung Karno used at the time.

And the time came to go to Manna city, there was no traffic jam, vehicles that was passing quite rarely. After 3 hour taaadaaaa here we were in my late grandparents’ house. So happy J
Celebrating the Idul fitri in Manna was so different from Jakarta. Gathering up with the whole family was really meaningful. It tightened our hospitality. 
whole family

The second day of Idul Fitri we all went to Linau beach in Kaur Regency by bus, 3 hours to get there. It located in the southeast of Manna.
Why always beach ??? because the province of Bengkulu  lies in south of Sumatera Island, means that it is a littoral. So many beautiful beaches  there.
At first we came to coral beach, I did not know whether it was Linau beach or not. The coral was so sharp it could harm our feet. But again I have to say that it was beautiful.
beautiful, isn't it?

We moved not too far from there and finally belonged in Linau beach. White sand and clean sea really fit my eyes, all my cousins played happily and so did I.
Linau Beach
situation on our way back home
Actually in Manna, there were several beaches, the most famous one was Pasar Bawah beach. I played there every afternoon during my stay :D . many people selling foods like meatball, noodle,young coconut and also traditional snacks. So after playing in the beach  we bought snack like otak-otak.. so delicious :D
playing happily :)

another viewpoint of Pasar Bawah beach

I also had come to other beaches named Bengkenang beach and Muara Kedurang beach, we did not play in the water of the beach. Both had  big waves, it was dangerous. But  still I liked to see and being there. Bengkenang had beautiful black sand, the beach was so clean. Meanwhile Muara Kedurang had no sand but stones.
Bengkenang Beach

Bengkenang Beach
Muara Kedurang beach
The last one, I came to Air Nipis Dam in Seginim, an hour outside of Manna city. It is local attraction there.  It is used to irrigate the rice field surrounding.  When I came the water was not too swift, even somewhat dry. But that made us play in the water safely.
Air Nipis Dam, Seginim

Well that’s my holiday story  at a glance…what about yours ? :D

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  1. The beach is beautiful! The sands, waves... The corals, too. And, glad to find someone who also blog in English. Nice to meet you.


  2. haiii 空キセノ thanks for visiting my blog.. indeed the beaches, corals, waves are beautiful, I luv it. actually I am still learning to write in english and nice to meet you too :)

  3. Eh aku blm perna ke air nipis dam nya, kalo bengkulu yg lain udah perna sampai ke curup :)

  4. dam nya agak jauh, klo dari kota bengkulu 3 jam mungkin lebih..dulu waktu kecil saya pernah ke curup ampe sekarang belom pernah lagi. thanks ya Mas CumiLebay udah mampir sini :)

  5. woww keren banget cerita mudiknya
    sekedar info yaaa yuk mudik 2019

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