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Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

Why Do I Start To Love Traveling??

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The question was on my mind when I first time wrote down my first story in the blog. I wrote after several trips actually. I thought that too bad if I don’t write my own journey stories while I go to many places for work.
So I started making a blog to tell all of my trips.
Traveling  to many places is my dream since a long long time ago. But I couldn’t go too far, just around  Jakarta-West Java. It was only several times  coz I had no money to pay my trip and I had no steady job .
I really thanks to ALLAH after passing through bad condition of my two past jobs, on March 2011 I got steady one. This job can bring me to many places around Indonesia, which means that my dream comes true. Alhamdulilah J
Boarding planes, seeing many cultures, different languanges, tasting typical local foods are amazing experiences . I really feel blessed J
Traveling is something personal for me, the way I travel may not be always  fit anybody else. What kind of traveler am I ?? backpacker, flashpacker, tourists,etc ?? before deciding and answering this question I’ve to admit that most of my trips are bussiness trips so of course my style is not backpacker at the time, but in another  time when I went  abroad for personal trips I became backpacker and also  flashpacker. So I think I can be all of the styles  LoL. 

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Traveling is not only about going somewhere, spending much money but further than that. Traveling could make me more grateful for all the creations of ALLAH, easy to receive the diffrences and the important thing  is enjoying the life and learn from it.
So as long as I can, I want to go traveling  for life :)

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