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Jumat, 26 Juli 2013

It’s a Concert Trip

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Am I a Kpop fan ?? No!
Am I a Shawol    ?? No!
So what is it about? Hehehe indeed It is a story about my second trip to Singapore, with the main aim was to attend a Korean boyband concert..SHinee :D
I am not a Kpop fan nor a Shawol, but I joined my friends to Singapore cause I needed an escape LoL. That was the first time I attended a concert, in Indonesia I also never come for any concert.
I didn’t know anything ‘bout the concert would like, I just follow my Shawol friends. The show ran well in Singapore Indoor Stadium, we were in Free Standing Pen A which mean we could run here and there to follow where the idol dynamic..everybody sang powerfully except  me,  I did not know their songs and I saw the concert in flat faced LOL.

The saw ended in midnight, everybody was happy and also my friends, me?? I couldn’t wait tomorrow to visit some places I’ve never been in Singapore hehehe. The route of places  we took was the places that in same direction to airport. Coz we just had a full day going around before going back to Jakarta.

Henderson Wave
And the morning came..after having breakfast, we went to Henderson Wave. It is a wooden wave bridge  near Mount Faber Park. Little got lost to get here haha, none of us have been.  To get the Henderson Wave, we had to go upstair, many stairs hahaha it made us tired enough.

The situation was so silence and cool. Many trees seem like in the forest. Less people enjoyed jogging there, meanwhile we were busy to make picture of ourselves LOL. We could see beautiful scenery of Singapore from the bridge.

view from upon the bridge

another view

After that, we went to Gardens By The Bay in Marina Bay area. Well the iconic from this garden is the Super Tree. Some areas are free of charge . There two super trees that are connected by a bridge. To get up we must pay S$  5.  We could see the view of Marina Bay Sand building and surround it, beautiful enough. We also visited the mall under the Marina Bay building and the Helix Bridge near Singapore Art museum. It has unique and beautiful design.

Gardens By The Bay

In the Shoppes at Marina

Helix Bridge
Singapore Art Museum, we didn't get in :|
Last place we visited that day was Mint Museum of Toys. It took S$ 15 for the entry ticket. It’s small but full of toys, the old school  until the new ones. I saw Indonesian old school toys there, it is a tin boat that I used to play with it when I was kid :D.

with Astroboy in the entrance
tin boat from Indonesia :) 

Well finally the time to go to airport had come, so bye bye Singapore :D .
Actually I came again to Singapore for the 3rd times, I will write my story later. Thanks J

Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

Kulineran Di Malang..YIHAAA!!

Berkesempatan juga datang ke Malang … kota yang sering saya dengar karena identik dengan bakso yang sering lewat dekat rumah.. Bakso Malang hehehe..
Di kota ini saya dan para officemates sempat datang kedua tempat buat kulineran, salah satu officemates  saya memang NgalamKer yang otomatis merangkap jadi guide buat kita.

1. Toko Oen buat nyicip es krim
Toko tua ini sangat terkenal, dengan nuansa khas  kolonial yang mengandalkan  es krim pada menu restorannya.  Pelayan yang menyambut kita pun berpakaian putih-putih ala kompeni Belanda. Suasananya cocok buat bersantai sambil ngemil-ngemil cantik karena toko ini juga menjual aneka kue kering. Es krimnya cukup enak dan tampilannya juga cantik.
Welkom :)

the officemates
itu kue keringnya :D

2.  Bakso bakar Pak Man
Ternyata saya salah kira selama ini. Saya pikir kalau lagi ada di Malang pasti bakso malang seperti yang lewat depan rumah yang  bertebaran dan ada dimana-mana di kota ini. Tapi ternyata yang terkenal itu justru bakso bakarnya. Yup..bakso bakar Pak Man yang kami datangi..penuh pengunjung, antri dan terbayarkan dengan bakso bakar yang enak, dengan rasa manis pedas.

sumber :

Mungkin (dan pasti) masih banyak lagi kuliner di Malang yang saya belum tahu. Tapi kalau ada kesempatan kesana lagi pasti saya kejar kuliner-kuliner itu hihihihi" title="Travel Blogs" target="_blank">" alt="Travel Blogs" />" style="font-size:10px;">blog directory